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Innovation as a Pillar of the Financial Center Strategy

The government and the Princely House of Liechtenstein have always understood governance as forward-looking shaping rather than administering. With its 2019 financial center strategy, the government has created a guiding framework for the future positioning of the financial center in international competition.

The focus is, on the one hand, on unrestricted and equal access to the important markets and thus on international cooperation, as well as on the improvement of the state framework conditions for innovative companies. With comprehensive measures, the Government is helping to ensure that the Liechtenstein financial center will continue to be successful in the future.

To ensure that financial center companies find an attractive location, the government is further consolidating the strengths of the business location. These include political and economic stability, a liberal legal system in line with European and international standards, integration into two economic areas, the efficiency of the authorities and, above all, openness to innovation.

Head of Government
Daniel Risch

“I am convinced that we have to look at new ideas and technologies with an open mind. As an attractive financial centre, we have to actively look at and deal with new technologies, engage with them and find solutions where we see potential.”

In recent years, the government has therefore created an innovation framework in order to be able to develop the state framework conditions for entrepreneurial activities in the best possible way. This framework is particularly important in times of sustained high dynamism, on the one hand to keep pace with technological developments, and on the other hand to maintain today’s good location conditions in international comparison.