Legal form for bringing together ideas, work and capital in innovations. Legal security for inventors, supporters and investors.

LVC – Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative

An LVC is a platform for several parties to cooperate on developing an innovation. With the establishment of an LVC an innovator directly incorporates his idea into a specific legal structure and thereby prepares the basis for facilitating cooperation with other specialists and investors. The LVC offers a legal basis for bringing together the work, non-cash contributions and capital contributions from various persons (both private individuals and legal entities) that are required to develop an innovation, in the form of an investment. This means that the founders can prove that they already described the invention in that form at the time of establishment. The inventor or inventors are given shares in the company for contributing the idea to the LVC or doing the preparatory work.



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The government makes templates for the foundation documents as well as other documents and applications freely available. However, it does not accept any responsibility for the completeness or quality of the provided documents. Liability claims relating to damage of a material or non-material nature caused by use of the templates are categorically excluded. When in doubt, legal advice is recommended. Use of the documents is only permitted if this disclaimer of liability is agreed to.

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